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Lili is taken to concentration camps, exposed to do forced labor in Terezín where, of the 144,000 Jews who passed through the camp, 88 million were sent to the extermination of Auschwitz; 80 thousand Jews died cause of hunger and plagues in Terezín ; and, of the 15 thousand children who were in this camp, only 93 survived.

Max y Helena Koppl

Lili’s Parents

Lili Koppl de Klandensky

Actualidad, 2019

Upon regaining her freedom and surviving this concentration camp, Lili meets Otto again, who, all those years of war, awaited her and it was he who brought her to know the true love and meaning of forgiveness through faith in Jesus. The family moves out to Ecuador looking for new opportunities, so throughout their lives, they dedicated themselves to serving others, understanding that their survival purpose had a mission: to lead others to the path of truth and love of neighbor.



It promises to break the schemes in the national cinema, it will feature Czech, Costa Rican, Israeli and Ecuadorian actors. This product is in the process of being made and filmed in the same concentration camps in Terezín and the Czech Republic, in addition to supporting scenes in Ecuador, Costa Rica and Israel.

This film is under the direction of the Ecuadorian filmmaker,

Alex Jácome

This film production under the signature of JM FILMS promises to break the schemes in the national cinema, it will have Czech, Costa Rican, Israeli and Ecuadorian actors.

This movie will be filmed in English and subtitled German, Czech, Portuguese, Italian and Hebrew.


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